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The designer Maya Alex is responsible for a variety of different projects in both the public and private sectors. She specializes in planning and designing living spaces that are individually and uniquely adapted to the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of those who live in them. Each client receives personal guidance at all stages of the process, from conceptual sketches, planning and maximizing customized spaces, choosing a design concept, budget management, procurement and suppliers to the final stage of styling.

Maya Alex places emphasis on availability, attention to customer needs, professional standards, schedules and budget. In addition, it offers design, unique and functional solutions in accordance and sensitivity to the last detail, while taking advantage of existing conditions or creating new ones.

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    Baltimore 21 E.T. Acre South | PO Box: 1499 | Zip code: 2711401
    [email protected] // 079-9212011

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    Sun-Thu: 09:00-21:00
    Fri: 08:00-14:00

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