“We believe that cooperation and knowledge sharing are the keys to success and will result in achieving excellence in complex projects”

Tomer Gelfand began his career in the family’s carpentry business with a personal inclination to machinery. Over the years the business has grown and completed thousands of projects including hospitals, laboratories, cultural sites, furniture for universities, institutions, shopping malls, factories and offices.

Tomer’s knowledge in promoting and marketing process management and guaranteeing quality of production processes which he acquired over the years, led to appointing him as the senior project manager at the carpentry factory founded by his father by the age of 25.

Lifelong learning has become the key for success, in addition to yearly visits at professional conventions and exhibitions throughout the world.

Today, after a long journey and passing on the tradition of professional secrets from father to son, a new company has been born, offering unique services and combining breakthrough design and complex execution.

The company plans, designs, implements and manages special projects, combining high-levels of construction finishing and introducing custom-made furniture in wood, stainless steel and glass. The company’s values are based on personal service and attention, unique vision and close monitoring, all subject to deadlines and precision of details – all in all, aiming to get the highest quality standards of results.